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Fistula Best Treatment by Ayurveda

Fistula Ksharsutra Treatment Ano Fistula Treatment without Surgery

ksharsutra fistula treatment is more effective & convenient as compared to surgery in the patients of fistula-in-ano

Fistula in ano is a disease, which is manifested as a small  nodular swelling around the anal region, with occasional pus or   watery discharges. in some patients after the pus discharges the swelling may subside for some time but then again reappears leading to some pain followed by discharges, this cycle goes on. However in other cases regular discharges & stickiness in the anal area may be noted. Even today when the modern surgery is at its peek, fistula in ano is still a challenge to the surgeons for its incidence of recurrence  after surgery & Postoperative complications like stool incontinence etc.

The method devised by ancient ayurvedic surgeon i.e. acharya sushruta is the only fool proof method available to cure fistula-in-ano . The efficacy of this ksharsutra tt is better than the most recent VAFT or MAFT techniques advised by modern surgeons for fistula in ano.

A medicated thread named as Kshara-sutra is prepared by applying the coatings of apamarg kshara, haridra churna and many other drugs. All these drugs are mixed with snuhi ksheer that is used as binding agent. Ultraviolet radiation is used for sterilizing the thread. The combined effect of all the above-mentioned three drugs provide a positive effect on the fistula tract. Apart from this, these drugs induce healing by the fresh as well as healthy granulation tissues. The Kshara-sutra is the mechanism used for delivering drug in the tissues.) The latest concept of graded ksharsutra{a research product of sushruta ano rectal research institute new Delhi} is more effective than the conventional kshar sutra therapy

Routine checkup of the patient is done with special reference to other disorders like hypertension, diabetes, mellitus, tuberculosis, etc. The next step involved in the treatment of fistula is identification & evaluation of the fistulous tract. Careful probing with malleable probes helps in the proper treatment of fistula). 

USG or fistulogram emerges as a primary requirement in the cases like high anal fistula, recurrent fistula and fistula with both multiple openings and branching patterns. After accurately defining the tract, it has to be ligated with Kshara-sutra. The replacement of the old sutra with a new Kshara-sutra is done every seventh day till there is a finale cut through). 

As per observations, the length of the tract reduces from 0.5 to 1 cm per week. But, several factors help modify cutting rate of the thread. In the case of post surgical recurrence, abundance of fibrous tissue is the major factor that reduces the cutting rate).

Kshara-sutra emerges as the best idea for delivering drug into the fistulous tract by the Ayurvedic surgeons).

During kshar-sutra therapy there is debridement & cutting of the tissues followed by healing.

The kshara acts as powerful debriding agent & selectively acts on the unhealthy tissues, pus pockets etc.

This process of debridement & healing starts from deeper tissues & travels towards periphery in stages.

With the help of Kshara-sutra treatment, the postoperative complications such as fecal incontinence, recurrence of the disease, bleeding, etc. are not seen). 

No general anesthesia & no hospitalization is required.

Patient maintains his normal routine activities as usual during treatment period.

Other indications of Ksharasutra
Anal fissures
Chronic discharging sinuses with osteomyelitis
Pilonidal sinuses
Non healing wounds
Milk fistula
Tubercular sinuses
Genital warts
Other methods of application of Kshara
Kshara varti
Kshara pitchu
Kshar pratisaran

Ayurveda specialist with kshar sutra offers better cure rates for fistula in ano as compared to modern surgeons using VAFT/MAFT techniques

Fast food culture, low fiber diet, sedentary life style, etc. are resulting in increasing the incidence of anorectal diseases at a consistent rate. Most of the anorectal diseases can be treated surgically. After conducting a lot of research by Ayurvedic specialists, several methodologies have been formulated using the modern equipments and technology. These methods are parasurgical and provide better results in comparison to the modern surgery).

Sushruta ano-rectal institute is a pioneer name in the medical industry for providing treatment of ano-rectal diseases like Fistula, Piles, Fissures, etc. This institute uses Kshara-sutra therapy, a latest technique of Ayurvedic surgery. Indian Council of Medical Research has scientifically developed and clinically evaluated this technique. Trials of Kshara-sutra therapy has been clinically conducted at four centers including AIIMS. The results of these trials have been released officially. Kshara-sutra is more effective and suitable treatment for treating fistula in ano).

Fistula Ksharsutra Treatment

Sushruta Ano-Rectal Institute and Ayurveda Center provides world-class Fistula Ksharsutra Treatment to the patients in an effective manner. This is a highly effective and convenient treatment in comparison to the surgery for the patients suffering from Fistula-in-ano. Fistula is identified by swelling around the anal region along with watery discharges. Ksharsutra is a unique treatment of Ayurveda for Fistula. In fact, it is the most advanced & result-driven treatment in today's medical technology since ancient times. Ksharsutra is a type of thread that consists of 21 or more layers of medicine. Fistula Ksharsutra Treatment is successful for curing the patients suffering from fistula, piles and other ano-rectal disorders. Sushruta Ano-Rectal Institute has a team of highly experienced doctors, who carry out this treatment in an easy manner. Fistula is a painful disease in the anal region and Ksharsutra treatment helps to cure this disease in minimal time.

Fistula Treatment Without Surgery in Delhi

If you are looking for fistula treatment without surgery, then Sushruta Ano-Rectal Institute emerges as the best option. This institute has gained immense popularity across the country for providing proven fistula treatment without surgery. The core strength of the institute is the use of advanced medical technology, a team of experienced doctors and the world-class infrastructure facility. Although, the modern surgery has become highly advanced, fistula is still a challenge for the surgeons due to its recurrence. Fistula treatment without surgery is the best option to cure fistula effectively. Sushruta Ano-Rectal Institute has proven itself as far as fistula treatment is concerned. In fact, it is a pioneer center for treating all types of ano-rectal diseases like fistula, piles, fissure etc. Surgical treatment of all these diseases results in post operative pain, bleeding, decrease in sphincter strength & in some cases, recurrence of the disease and several other side-effects.

Fistula Ayurveda Treatment

Sushruta Ano-Rectal Institute offers the best Ayurvedic Fistula Treatment with the desirable and minimal cost. The institute acts as an ideal destination for this treatment as it has all the modular facilities along with a team of well-qualified and experienced doctors. The occurrence of ano-rectal diseases like fistula, piles, fissure, etc. is increasing at a fast rate in today's scenario due to fast food culture, reduction in intake of fiber diet, sedentary lifestyle and many other possible factors. Most of the doctors treat fistula ano-rectal disease surgically, but at Sushruta Ano-Rectal Institute the patients will get proven Ayurvedic Fistula Treatment to cure the disease permanently. Being a highly recognized Ayurveda center across the country, Sushruta Ano-Rectal Institute not only conducts extensive research, but also uses ayurvedic treatment methodologies with the modern equipments and medical technology. This treatment is a non surgical method to cure fistula effectively.

Fistula Treatment FAQs
Question 1 - What is fistula?
Answer - Fistula-in-ano or anal fistula is a tract lined by unhealthy tissue, which is a seat of chronic infection. The tract on one side is connected to anal canal & the other end is opening on the skin. Anal Fistula is a problem which presents it self as a small swelling or cyst in the peri anal region. Some times the swelling increases in size & there may be some pain. However as soon as this swelling bursts the pus & blood discharges come out & there is relief in the pain. But this cycle is again repeated after an interval of few days.

Question 2 - What are the fistula symptoms?
Answer - The most common symptom of fistula is pus , blood or watery discharges through anus or through a mildly painful nodular mass present in the perianal region. When in a inactive form there may not be any symptoms but may get active at any time with all associated symptoms as already mentioned.

Question 3 - How does it occur?
Answer - It occurs because of the chronic infection in the anal wall or in the internal gland of the anus. The long periods of infection along with chronic inflammation may be the possible reason. However, it is commonly seen that a chronic fissure may lead to anal fistula. Similarly peri anal abscess may lead to anal fistula after incision & drainage of the is not necessary for the fistula to be present only where the abscess is present. It can be present without the same connected just to the skin of the human but precisely located near the anal region and the opening.

Question 4 - How is it diagnosed?
Answer - Anal fistula is clinically diagnosed by its typical presentation, however the proper evaluation of the anal fistula w.r.t. its depth, direction & branching pattern is done by M.R.I. fitulogram or clinically by probing.

Question 5 - What are the Causes of Ano fistula?
Answer - *due to infection of anal fissure
*due to trauma by passing hard stools, that may get - subsequently infected to develop into anal fistula.
*the diseases like ulcerative colitis, chrohns disease, diabetes, ca rectum are likely to develop anal fistula.

Question 5 -Where to find best fistula treatment doctor/clinic in Delhi?
Answer - Dr.S.K.Singh (Gold Medalist), M.S.(Ayurveda)B.H.U, is famous fistula best treatment doctor in Sector-7, Rohini Delhi-110085. He provides fistula ksharsutra treatment, fistula ayurveda treatment and fistula treatment without surgery. You can contact him directly at Mob: 9810424324 9810159275

Question 6 - What are the benefits of fistula ksharsutra treatment?
Answer - Before we tell you the advantages and benefits of the ksharsutra therapy, it is first important to understand the basic nature of it. It is one of the therapies that have their origination from the roots of Ayurveda. The therapy is carried out for the treatment of various types of fistula, & pilonidal sinus. Being minimally invasive in nature, the technique is rather a very simple one. The success rate of the graded TM ksharsutra involves a good percentage of 99.9 out of every 100 cases. The recurrence rate being zero to less than one percent is far lower than other treatment methods. It does not require to go through hours of surgery but is performed in minimum time using local anesthesia. The best part is the fact that most of the times, the after care does not require a prolong use of antibiotics & hospitalization.

Question 7 - How can we take care?
Answer - There are a number of things that patients need to take care during and after the ksharsutra treatment. The most important one are outlined here -
A. While defecating, it is very important that one does not put extra strain on the system. Take the help of some mild laxatives(stool softeners)
B. Eat food items that are rich in dietary fibers and at all costs avoid fried, spicy foods, junk food that may cause burning, irritation & constipation.
C. Follow light exercise routine and make sure that the morning and evening walks are included in the regime.
D. Avoid sitting for longer hours.
E. Frequent Local applications of sushruta ointment, sushruta oil,& some local anesthetic gels are very beneficial for their soothing effects.
F. Frequent use of sitz bath is also very helpful specially in the patients suffering from fistula-in-ano.

Question 8 - What are the popular modes of treatments available?
Answer - There are many ways which describe the treatment of fistula both in men and women. Depending on the nature and intensity of the problem the doctors suggest medicines and surgeries for the same. The treatment off anal fistula is a big challenge for modern surgery. A large no. of techniques have been developed including the plug therapy & latest VAFT/MAFT techniques. But these are also associated with fairly high incidence of recurrence.There is a considerable proof that ayurveda graded ksharsutra is much better than these modern methods of surgery as the chances of recurrence negligible.

Question 9 - What are the popular modes of treatments available?
Answer -There are many ways which describe the treatment of fistula both in men and women. Depending on the nature and intensity of the problem the doctors suggest medicines and surgeries for the same. The treatment off anal fistula is a big challenge for modern surgery. A large no. of techniques have been developed including the plug therapy & latest VAFT/MAFT techniques. But these are also associated with fairly high incidence of recurrence.There is a considerable proof that ayurveda graded ksharsutra is much better than these modern methods of surgery as the chances of recurrence negligible.

Question 10 - Types of Fistulas?
Answer - Fistula can attack both men and women. The areas which get affected are the anus, rectum, vagina and perineum. Fistula can further be divided into subcategories which are demarcated as follows
Inter-sphincteric fistulas - These are the ones that are confined to the internal sphincter. There is also a strong possibility that these extend till the perineal skin.
Trans-sphincteric fistulas - These pass through external, internal sphincter in areas located between perianal skin and anal canal.
Supra-sphincteric fistulas - These pass upward around the external sphincter after crossing internal sphincter right above the puborectalis muscle.
Extra-sphincteric fistulas - These are the ones that are rare to find and also the most tough ones to be diagnosed. In this type of fistula, the tract bypasses both the anal canal and sphincter, then pass from the levator ani muscle and ischiorectal fossa before exiting its way into the rectum.
Superficial fistulas - These types of fistula neither cross the internal sphincter nor the external ones. There is strong possibility that the fistula is present because of the crohns disease.

Question 11 - Is it possible to treat fistula without undergoing any sort of surgery?
Answer - Ayurveda offers treatment to the fistula with the help of herbs and its own practices. There have been cases where people have been relieved completely of the problems and its symptoms using Ayurveda. Ksharasutra is one of the most important means used in the process to treat the problem of fistula. Apart from this, there are herbs that are used for irrigation of the fistulous tract, clearing the debris & promoting the healing.

Question - Can Ayurveda treatment cure 100% fistula disease?
Answer - Yes! Ayurveda has the potential of treating fistulas completely from its roots. It has been scientifically proved by Indian council of medical research (I.C.M.R.) through the clinical trials (1990) conducted at AIIMS New Delhi, PGI chandigarh etc. It was concluded in this research that in the patients of fistula-in-ano, kshar sutra treatment is more effective & convenient as compared to surgery. Complex multiple Fistula in ano, High anal fistula, Recurrent fistula with surgical failures, Fistula treated with MAFT/VAFT technique but with recurrence. Finally, these patients can be successfully treated by graded kshar sutraâ„¢ treatment.

Fistula in ano under graded ksharsutra sutra treatment

Dr. S.K. Singh M.S. (Ayurveda) Gold Medalist (B. H. U.)

*Best ayurveda surgeon award by Ajmal khan society new delhi

*Doctor of the year award by DAV Rearch Society new delhi

*Member-National Academy of Ayurveda, Govt. of India

Ex. Senior ano-rectal (ayurveda) specialist MOOLCHAND HOSPITAL, DELHI

Ex. Senior kshar sutra specialist-mahirishi ayurveda arogyadham Delhi, India

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Dr.S.K.Singh(Gold Medalist)

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