Different Types of Piles Treatment Without Surgery

Is surgery always painful in Piles?

Whenever we think of surgery the first thing that comes to our mind is cuts and stitches. But that’s not true because in today’s modern world there are many treatments that are called surgery but they are not the type of surgery we always think of.

Get the Piles Treatment from the Best Piles surgeon in Delhi as he provides the treatment without any pain, cuts or stiches.

About the Ayurvedic Piles Treatment

Ayurvedic approaches to hemorrhoids are taken holistically. People with hemorrhoids who wish to treat it in an Ayurvedic way should expect herbal meds, changes in lifestyle, and possibly little bit invasive procedures as their treatment. Your Ayurvedic doctor will check your overall health to know your dominant dosh before giving treatment suggestions. It’s recommended that you open up about your overall condition.

If you want to take ayurvedic treatment of Piles your options may include – 

Medication, or bhaishajya chikitsa

Minor hemorrhoids can be taken care of with medication only. No other process are needed unless hemorrhoids are more painful and severe. In worse cases, medications are used in addition to procedures.
Your dosh will play an important role into the medicinal remedies your Ayurvedic doctor chooses and any diet or lifestyle changes they can recommend to prevent recurrence. Some medications may not be suitable for your dosh, so follow your doctor’s guidance.

Kshara, or Herbal application

Kshara is a alkaline paste and is used to for managing hemorrhoids. The paste is made of herbal blend and has a curing action. Kshara is applied on hemorrhoid using a special device kniwn as slit proctoscope. The paste then cauterizes the hemorrhoid, which may have been bleeding. In Ayurvedic medicine, this Kshara medicinal method is considered to beone of the top methods for treating hemorrhoids.
While depending on your dosh, you’ll betold to take specific meds to balance your body as you are in recovery. You may also need to change your diet or lifestyle for your faster recovery.

Surgical intervention, or Sastra chikitsa

Your Ayurvedic doctor may recommend you a therapy known as ksharsutra. It uses a special medicational thread to tie the hemorrhoid off at the point.

This will cut off the blood supply to the vein,  and by this procedure, the hemorrhoid will shrink for the duration of the next 7 to 10 days and It will dry and detach on its own.

Your Ayurvedic doctor will consider your dosh for your treatment. You may need specific herbs to support healing. It is also possible that you may need to have some permanent changes in diet, and exercise to avoid future hemorrhoids.

While this procedure is considered a very minimal dealing but it does have risks. Surgical procedures can be dangerous for people who are prone to infection, have some kind of bleeding disorder, or who are on medications for heart conditions.

Agnikarma, or Cauterization

Outer hemorrhoids can be cured using infrared heating. Your Ayurvedic doctor may offer to burn the hemorrhoids. This cure will produce some pain.
This therapy may require five to six sessions over the same number of weeks before it makes a change. Once again, your dosh will be accounted for before treatment. There is a chance for increased pain or infection with this process. Talk to your doctor to reduce your risks and ensure this is an appropriate method for you. Safer Western approaches to treatment can be better.

Treatment of Piles:

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