Programme Frame Work

The Training Program comprises of following lectures:

Lecture no. 1
Introduction of course- Role of Ayurvedic surgery in the present era. Incorporation of contemporary knowledge. Introduction of ayurvedic fundamentals wrt healing , stages of wound healing, medicines & applications used for wound healing wrt fistula in ano & fissure. Drugs used for wound debridement wrt fissure & fistula in ano sp. Irrigations.

Lecture no. 2
Anatomy & physiology of the anal canal, arterial supply, perianal spaces wrt anaesthesia. Examination of the anus, inspection, p/r examination, proctoscopy, sigmoidoscopy.

Lecture no. 3
Introduction to ano rectal disorders wrt *piles etiology, surgical pathology, Classifacation, clinical features viz bleeding prolapse, discharges, pain, anemia. Investigations–inspection, digital examination, proctoscopy. Complications-strangulation thrombosis, ulceration, gangerene fibrosis suppuration, pyelephlebitis.

Treatment of hemorrhoids-nonoperative treatment, active treatment viz injection therapy, elastic band application, ksharsutra treatment. Cryo surgery photocoagulation.

Kshara sutra pre operative operative post operative procedure, complications -intraoperative & post operative.

Lecture no. 4
Anal fistulae-Ano-rectal abscesses-perianal, ischiorectal, submucous & pelvi rectal. Aetio-pathology, presentation, diagnostic means–fistulogram, usg, classification low anal viz subcutaeneous submucous, low anal, high anal (trans sphincteric may be high or low) inter sphincteric pelvirectal Treatment-fistulectomy.

Lecture no. 5
Pilonidal sinuses-surgical pathology, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment.

Lecture no. 6
Anal fissures, surgical pathology, clinical features, principal of treatment.

Lecture no. 7
Anal polyps & anal prolapse—clinical features, methods of treatment Instruments & equipments used in ksharsutra therapy-sterlisation of fumigation Linens & garments.

Kshara sutra applications in SPECIFIC PATIENTS-Hypertensive pt., diabetic patients, skin to skin track, high anal fistula, tubercular fistulae.

POST OPERATIVE Care sec. Threading-position of the patient, instruments required, observation of the wound, method of changing k.s., precautions. Contra-indications of kshar-sutra therapy wrt. Piles fistula etc.

Clinical demonstrations Assessment through oral examination.

Result of assessment
Certificate of participation in the programme

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