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DIrector at Sushruta Ano Rectal institute (Ayurcure)

Dr. SK Singh M.S. (Ayurveda) Gold Medalist (B. H. U.)

Welcome to We feel responsible ever since this website was launched, regarding the precise and updated medical information contained in this site. Over the years, there has been a tremendous growth in the popularity of Ayurvedic treatments the world-over. We feel fortunate at to be part of this collective effort to bring Ayurveda to a greater audience of people.

Today when the modern surgery is developing fast with latest equipments & techniques, fistua in ano & pilonidal sinus are still major challenges to the surgeons, various types of treatment techniques have been tried over the past many years, but no satisfactory method could be established. Nowadays a new method called VAAFT (video assisted anal fistula treatment) or MAFT technique is being tried by the surgeons, but patients with VAAFT failure are now reporting us & on record we have successfully treated their fistula with graded kshar-sutra. Ayurveda ksharsutra technique when performed BY QUALIFIED & EXPERIENCED AYURVDIC SURGEON is better than any type of surgery to treat fistula in ano. 

Credit to invent a scientific module for kshar-sutr treatment goes to late Prof P J Deshpandey of faculty of ayurveda institute of medical sciences B.H.U., HIS RESEARCH PAPER ON AYURVEDA KSHARSUTRA THERAPY IN THE PATIENT OF FISTULA-IN-ANO WAS PUBLISHED IN INTERNATIONAL; JOURNAL OF PROCTOLOGY. Since then ayurveda surgeons role in the management of ano-rectal disorders have been highly appreciated even by modern surgeons. surgeons are referring the pts of fistula in ano & pilonidal sinuses to us so as to manage them with kshar-sutra therapy.

The response we have received over the years is amazing and we hope this will continue. On our part, we consider it morally binding to provide information on our treatment details to whosoever seeks it, treating the patients in a effective manner.

Achievements & Memberships:

  • Excellence in Ayurveda for Ksharsutra Chikitsa by Cabinet Minister Sh. Padnaik (Ministry of Ayush), 2018 
  • Best Ayurveda Surgeon Award by Ajmal Khan Society New Delhi
  • Champions of the Change Award, 2018 by Vice President of India
  • Pride of the Nation Award, 2019 by Society of Veteran’s India – Rajnath Singh (Defence Minister of India)
  • Doctor of the Year Award by DAV Research Society, New Delhi
  • Member of National Academy of Ayurveda, Govt. of India
  • Ex. Senior Ano-rectal (Ayurveda) Specialist MOOLCHAND HOSPITAL, DELHI
  • Ex. Senior Ksharsutra Specialist-Mahirishi Ayurveda Arogyadham Delhi, India 

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