Fissure – More Effective Non-Surgical Treatment!

If you observe a small tear/crack or ulcer in the thin, moist tissue that lines the anus in yourself or your child, then it might be a fissure. Fissures are characterized by needle pricking sensation, burning sensation and sometimes extreme pain during defecation. An fissure is a medico-surgical disorder prevalent among teenagers which can also affect people of any age. But there is no need for concern as the same can be treated using Ayurveda. 

Symptoms of Fissure:

Patients suffering from fissure may experience a sharp itching or burning sensation in the anorectal region after passing stool. This may be accompanied with visible cracks in the skin around the rectal area, spasms and a sentinel pile. Sentinel pile is a tag of skin that develops if the problem of Fissure persists for a longer duration of time. In a few cases, patients may notice some amount of bleeding. 

Causes of Fissure:

There are several factors that can cause fissure. However, constipation is the most common medical condition that may lead to the development of fissure. Constipation results in hardening and formation of large stools, which strain the rectal muscle. Other causes include persistent diarrhea, Crohn’s disease and childbirth. In rare cases, fissures can also be caused due to cancer, HIV, tuberculosis, syphilis, and herpes.

Ayurveda in the Treatment of Fissure:

Ayurveda is a well known ancient Indian medical system which also deals with the different surgical disorders including fissure using specialized surgical and para surgical treatment modalities. Surgical specialist of Ayurveda focuses on debridement of the fissures by Kshar Karma and using medicines to improve blood circulation in the affected areas, alleviate pain, prevent infection, treat constipation and relieve spasm. In the acute condition, ayurvedic treatment involves Kshar Karma – application of specialized medicines in affected areas; applying herbal ayurvedic oil in the rectal area and herbal medicines to relieve constipation. Sitz bath with lukewarm Triphala kwath is also advised. This is a simple procedure which involves filling up a plastic tub of appropriate diameter with lukewarm Triphala kwath. The patient should sit in such a way that his/her buttocks remain submerged in the warm medicated water.

In case the condition becomes chronic and sentinel tag forms, surgical intervention is necessary. This Ayurvedic surgical procedure is called Ksharsutra ligation. It involves ligation of sentinel tags with Ksharsutra. The specialized medicated thread is tied at the root of sentinel tag, which obstructs the blood supply to sentinel piles and causes necrosis resulting in falling of the tag within 5-10 days. Ksharsutra is also least invasive compared to conventional surgery.

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